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“Building a Better Club in Arizona”

A place to have fun

Our players will play with a smile on their face, our coaches will guide in a positive and enthusiastic manner, and our club parents will praise the effort of our players within our club program.

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Developmental Phase Program

“Building a Better Club in Arizona”

Club Fees

AYSO United AZ prides itself on providing the best soccer experience possible at Family Friendly club fees. We are currently looking at updating the fee structure for the 2024-2025 season. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with all of our families so they will always know what their out of pocket costs will be and what they should expect from those fees.

One of the biggest changes we will make to our fee structure is to create an a la carte menu for our coaches to choose from. Coaches can select from a season play, plus one, 3 or 5 tournaments. In each package it will cover all costs associated with training, registration and insurance. For instance, the Advanced League +3 tier in the chart below would be a team that is playing in ASA’s Advanced League gaming circuit and will play in 3 tournaments during the year as well.

This past season our annual fees were $1100 for open league teams and $1300 for Advanced League teams. Some teams tacked on additional fees for equipment, additional tournaments and subscriptions to video services.

We have worked very hard to provide the lowest costs possible for all of our parents. We will always work to provide the best soccer experience possible and the most reasonable rates available.

The fees do no include the costs associated with game and training kits, or coach fees, which are decided on a coach by coach basis.