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“Building a Better Club in Arizona”

A place to have fun

Our players will play with a smile on their face, our coaches will guide in a positive and enthusiastic manner, and our club parents will praise the effort of our players within our club program.


Team Training Program Periodization & Open Training


Player Development Prioritization
& Club Development Program


Meaningful Games &
Appropriate Tournament Play


Developmental Phase Program

“Building a Better Club in Arizona”

Club Fees

  • AYSO United AZ prides itself on providing the best soccer experience possible at Family Friendly club fees.
  • We are currently in the process of updating our fees, but working very hard to keep them as low as possible.
  • Our Advanced League Fees and Open league fees are different due to a higher costs imposed by the league.
  • Our league fees will include: all league and registration related costs; training field related costs; registration into three tournaments; insurance related costs; and administrative related costs.
  • Limited scholarship opportunities are available for those who qualify. We will be publishing our updated fees after we have finalized our costs.
  • *Fees do not include the cost of the uniforms.