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Q: Hi my daughter was born 11/2008. Can she tryout with the 09 team? Thank you
A: Unfortunately, no. She can play up with older players but cannot play down. Players are encouraged to stay with their own age group for proper development. If a player want to tryout for an older team, they would still have to selected to play and this might minimize their chances. 

Q: If my child makes the team, when can I expect them to start training?

A: Officially, training does not start until August 1st. Some coaches may elect to have volunteer trainings over the summer to keep kids in shape. Many players sign up for our Summer Camp at the end of June to help get them ready for when training starts up again.

Q: How much of a time commitment does your club have?
A: Most of our teams train twice a week once the season is underway. Some may have an optional 3rd time a week for training, depending on field availability. For Open League teams, they usually have a league match most Saturdays and for Advanced League teams there will be 3 to 4 weekends in the fall, where there will be multiple matches played. These dates are already scheduled so you can work around those dates to keep them free.

Q: Are all of your coaches volunteers?

A. AYSO has traditionally been a volunteer based program, but we have moved into a Coaches Compensation program to help offset the costs related to properly managing a team. We work very hard to keep our costs down to still be affordable. However, we recognize that it is a very competitive market and we would like to recruit and retain as many qualified coaches as we can.